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Amelia Boston is the author of Where She Was Going. She teaches high school English full time, and is a wife and mother.

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5 Ways to be a Happier Teacher This Year

Target already has their back to school stuff out in stores. Early back to school sales should be considered criminal for the trauma it gives teachers who feel like they just started summer. But as we near August, even I have to admit, we’re getting closer to the start of school. As my schedule starts…

My Hopes for My Readers

I just received word that my publishing company is working on the cover art for Where She Was Going. We’re still not quite published, but it’s another step in that direction. Again, I’m hoping for sometime this fall–fingers crossed! As I await publication, and while it’s summer break and I’ve got M down for a…

OMG I Wrote a Book

Wait, whaaaaat? I didn’t share this with too many people during the process of writing–mostly because I’m awkward at self-promotion, and didn’t want the accountability if I ended up giving up before it was done. Is that embarrassing and vulnerable to admit? A little bit. So here’s to catching everyone up on what I’ve been…

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